What is Involvement?

We have created the following films to show the different types of involvement and volunteering which happen at our Trust. We hope they show you about what involvement means to us.


Involvement in volunteering

Transcript - involvement in volunteering [pdf] 12KB


Involvement in Volunteering - Sure Start

Transcript - Involvement in Volunteering - Surestart [pdf] 15KB


Involved as a young carer

Transcript - Involved as a young carer [pdf] 13KB


Involved in helping each other

Transcript - Involved in helping each other [pdf] 16KB


Changing sevices: perinatal - staff involved in service change

Transcript - perinatal - staff involved in service change [pdf] 14KB


Involved in supporting carers


Involved in helping others in a crisis


Involvement in learning

Transcript - involved in learning [pdf] 14KB


Involvement in research

Transcript - involvement in research [pdf] 16KB


Involved in improving care for patients

Transcript - involved in improving care for patients [pdf] 13KB


Involvement in Patient Council


Involved as a befriender


Involvement in recruiting staff



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