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Our vision and values

Working in partnership, we want to make sure that all patient services are responsive to need, provide equal opportunity for successful treatment, recovery and rehabilitation and promote sustainable, independent living. 

This includes patients being cared for in the least restrictive setting, as close to home as possible and supported by those who know them best. 

Our vision and values have been developed through a process of co-production with staff and service-users, families and carers. They aim to define how the provider collaborative will work together with service-users, the joint outcomes we want to achieve and the culture we want to create.


IMPACT Vision and values

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We have established a programme of regular co-production forums and opportunities for engagement over the last year and embedded meaningful service-user and ‘expert by experience’ involvement within our workstreams. 

Co-production with staff, patients, families, carers and wider stakeholders has informed the development of a new clinical model for adult secure care in the East Midlands.


Development of our Clinical Model

Development of our clinical model

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Having ongoing, two-way conversations with the people who deliver and use adult secure mental health services will help us to transform and improve how low and medium secure mental health services are:            

  • Commissioned (planned and paid for)
  • Delivered by staff
  • Accessed by patients
  • Experienced by families and carers.

A key focus for our co-production activity and service-user involvement is reducing inequalities; making sure that everyone who uses our services is given equal opportunity to access the support they need and can achieve the best clinical and social outcomes irrespective of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or beliefs.



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