Bassetlaw Home Oxygen Service

We are a community based service in Bassetlaw. We support children and adults who need oxygen assessment and therapy.

We provide:

  • clinical assessment, including capillary blood gases to see if a patient would benefit from supplementary oxygen
  • risk assessment to make sure that supplementary oxygen is prescribed and used safely
  • ongoing support and review for all patients who need supplementary oxygen

The service is based at Retford Primary Care Centre. 

The service is available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm, excluding bank holidays.

Accessing our service

You need to be registerd with a Bassetlaw GP to accesss our service. You will need a clinician to make a referral for you.

Information for health professionals

Referral should be made by a clinician who has determined that the patient as low blood oxygen levels (hypoxia) when they are stable and at rest. Referral is via Single Point of Referral: 01777 274422


Clinical lead

Wendy Bradford

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