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Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness (NCM) has offered training in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) since 2009 for people working in health services. NCM is based within Nottinghamshire Healthcare but has teachers and trainers from all over the East Midlands.

MBCT has a promising evidence base for a wide range of physical, emotional and mental health problems and is recommended as a treatment for depression in NICE Guidelines (2004, 2009). Despite this, it remains difficult for many people to access this in the UK.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare has provided significant investment in MBCT to ensure increased integration of this intervention into clinical services. This has included the development of the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness (NCM).

We are committed to increasing availability of MBCT for those accessing health services through the delivery of high quality training and supervision of MBCT teachers, so that as many people as possible benefit from this intervention.

You can find out more about our clinical and administrative staff here NCM staff.pdf

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Following training run by NCM, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy groups are now being run in the following areas:

  • Nottinghamshire city and county IAPT services
  • Nottinghamshire secondary care services
  • Derbyshire IAPT services
  • Derbyshire Secondary Care services
  • Leicester city and county IAPT services

Training and delivery of MBCT occurs within a framework of consistent evaluation in order to ensure this is delivered within an ethical framework, in which participants receive a form of MBCT that is as helpful as it can be.

We ensure this is provided within a clear, robust framework of good practice guidelines based on the UK network of teacher trainer guidelines.


UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainer Organisations - Good-practice Guidelines:

All teachers and trainers working at NCM operate within good practice guidelines established by the UK network for mindfulness-based teachers. 

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