Continuing Development for Mindfulness Teachers Workshops

The Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness offers a range of opportunities to support MBCT teachers in continuing to develop skills and deepen their understanding of Mindfulness - based teaching. Workshops provided by NCM will be advertised here on our webpage.

Contact us at to request an application form. 


Mindfulness Frame by Frame - 8 Week Course 

This is a new eight-week course of two hour weekly sessions is developed by Mark Williams and colleagues, designed for those who have already completed a mindfulness-based programme and want to explore mindfulness more deeply.

It is informed by recent psychological findings revealing that our understanding of the world is dominated by imagining how we can take action within it, coloured by what is called ‘feeling tone’; the sense of how pleasant or unpleasant each moment is for us. Greater awareness of the ‘feeling tone’ of each moment can support us in getting the most out of our experiences.

During the eight weekly sessions, you will learn meditations that prepare you for, then help you tune in to feeling tone, frame by frame. This provides an opportunity to see more clearly both the tipping points for distress and exhaustion, and also how to flourish by freeing yourself to appreciate life again, even in the midst of difficulty.

Group starts on Tuesday 7 February 2023, at 3.30pm to 5.30pm on MS Teams

Due to funding from the Integrated Care Systems HUB, the course is free for those working in the following organisations:

  • Nottingham City Care
  • Nottingham University Hospitals
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Nottingham County Council
  • Sherwood Forest Hospitals
  • Nottinghamshire Health Care
  • Nottinghamshire Care Homes
  • Notts Local Medical Committee
  • NHS Nottinghamshire CCG
  • Nottingham City Homes                

For those not working in an organisation listed above a course fee of £100 is payable.

Book a place by emailing us at

Click here to download the Frame by Frame - Application form

Workshops 2023

Mindful movement workshop

This will be held by Helen Stephenson on Tuesday 28 March 2023 9.30am – 4.30pm

When taught confidently, mindful movement is a powerful tool for staying present. It involves both awareness and acceptance of present experience, stepping into our deep capacity to meet difficult and pleasurable sensations, thoughts, and emotions. It is a process during which we are mindful of the body that is moving, mindful of breathing, and mindful of the movements of our mind. Mindful movement can help us to engage in a continuous process of kind and embodied presence.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Teach a mindful movement sequence safely
  • Feel confident in offering alternative options whilst guiding a movement practice
  • Incorporate the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness into your guidance

This highly experiential workshop will be taught by Helen Stephenson who has over forty years’ experience teaching movement. Helen trained with the Indian teacher Sri S. Rajagopalan and is a senior teacher with the yoga alliance UK.

This workshop will be held at the Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham.

The cost of this workshop is £80. 

Free to all NHC Staff/graduates of Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness and IAPT graduates.


Trauma sensitive mindfulness

This is an introductory workshop to be held by Sonia Moratto and Chloe Holman on Thursday 13 July 2023 9.30am – 4.30pm

Trauma-sensitive mindfulness (TSM) means taking a trauma-informed approach to the mindfulness and meditation practices we use in standard MBCT. To be trauma-sensitive means to have adopted the following ‘4 Rs’

  • Realise the widespread impacts of trauma
  • Recognise the signs of trauma
  • Respond skilfully with helpful tools
  • Re-traumatization (avoid)

There are a variety of tips and TSM ways of working that can be brought into your MBCT based teaching. We will highlight some key considerations to help ensure that you are guiding others as safely and responsibly as possible.

You will have the chance to experience some of the practices for yourself and you will be given resources as to where to learn more.

The workshop will take place on MS Teams. To book your place please email

The cost of this workshop is £80.


Teaching mindfulness based approaches in specialist mental health settings

This will be held by Andy Phee on Wednesday 27 September 2023 9.30am – 4.30pm

This experiential and interactive workshop will explore adapting standard mindfulness-based approaches in a variety of specialist settings including in-patient acute mental health, prison and forensic mental health, homelessness settings, long term psychosis and intellectual disability.

The day includes opportunities to:

  • Guide adapted practices
  • Explore modified inquiry in small groups
  • Discover creative approaches to some of the complexities presented in these settings

The workshop will be led by Andy Phee, who is a mindfulness teacher, trainer and supervisor aligned to the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation. He has a background in community mental health nursing and works one day a week in a pan London mental health homelessness team. He was the external lead on a mindfulness in prison project over several years. He has a special interest in mindfulness for people experiencing distressing psychosis.

This workshop is suitable for mindfulness teachers working in specialist settings who have completed a mindfulness teacher training programme.

This workshop will be held on MS Teams.

The cost of this workshop is £80.


Mindfulness, compassion and the climate crisis

This will be held by Sonia Moratto on Wednesday 25 October 2023 9.30am – 4.30pm

Widespread awareness of the climate crisis has not led to appropriate action either by leaders or as part of mass society.

In this workshop we will consider:

  • How mindful and compassionate reconnection is crucial both in helping us to address the conditions that caused the situation and overcome barriers to action
  • How avoidance is a common coping strategy. Remaining engaged, calls us to strengthen our inner resources to build resilience

We will draw on the latest thinking within the field as we reflect on both our individual role and as a mindfulness community as to our contribution within a complex world.

The workshop will be held on-line via MS Teams

The cost of this workshop is £80.

A small number of training places are reserved at a subsidised rate for Nottinghamshire Health Care NHS Trust Staff and selected delegates of the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness. Should you have any enquires please email us for more information or complete our Booking Form - 2023.pdf, and return it to to book your place.





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