Early Intervention Speech and Language Therapy

The development of speech, language and communication skills begins in the first years of life. Good communication skills are important for learning, making friends, and wellbeing. This means that it is vital to support children’s speech, language, and communication skills as early as possible, to ensure all children have the language they need for life.

The Early Intervention Team provides early support through:

  • Home Talk – This is for children aged 22 months to 2 years 6 months who are not yet using many words but can listen, follow instructions, and play with adults. A Home Talk worker can offer fun home visits for children and their grown ups to share ideas about talking together. Visit the ‘Getting support page to find out more.
  • Support for Early Years Practitioners and Teachers. This includes free termly Language Lead Networks and ‘New to the role’ Networks for identified Language Leads in Early Years Settings across Nottinghamshire. We also offer training through our Talking Together Traded Service on a range of speech, language, and communication topics. Find out more in the Practitioner zone section.
  • Language for Life – Explore our Language for Life webpage and social media to discover what we can all do to help all children’s language skills grow and how you can get further help, information, and support, if you need it.

The Specialist Team provides support for children with significant, persisting speech, language, and communication difficulties.



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