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Success Stories From The Therapies And Education Service At Rampton Hospital

Our Therapies and Education Service at Rampton Hospital have had a number of great successes lately.

Kay Carley, Therapies and Education Service Manager, shares the news from their women’s education review of 2022/23.

Firstly we started the year with the success of the LGBTQ+ event where two of our transgender patients spent several months planning the event within their education sessions and in their own personal time to create two PowerPoint presentations, design booklets with hand drawn illustrations, along with posters and banners. They then both presented the point presentation on the history of LGBTQ+ along with their own personal journey’s. This was a huge achievement for the patients, and they did this in a room full of peers and professional staff.

Exam successes! We currently have 8 female patients enrolled in exams and doing well, ranging from Entry Level 3 to Level 2.

Segregation & Harder to Reach Successes! Currently all 4 segregation patients attend education either on the ward or in the classroom. We recently had two new patients who initially were seen on the wards but have now successfully progressed to the classroom without ward staff required. Again, huge achievement for both staff and patients involved.

New to education successes! We are proud of two patients who have been in Rampton for several years and were once in segregation, these two patients had always feared education but with lots of encouragement from staff, now attend weekly classes and are so committed, they are stood waiting every time we collect! with shoes and coats on and completed homework. 

Education project successes! This year along with LGBTQ+ event, one patient completed a timeline covering a whole wall within education with pictures and history quotes of the LGBTQ+ movement. Within education all patients got involved in the International Women’s Day event held at the DRC, by creating a massive banner showing the history of inspirational women from past to present.

Patients are currently working on a project within the classroom called the Tree of Inspiration! This has already started to be sketched onto one of the walls. We wanted to create a tree with leaves so patients can write on an individual leaf their future goals and inspirations and attach it to the tree.   

Future events! After huge success of last year’s Education Awards, we will be holding another event this year, date to be confirmed soon. This is our opportunity to give praise and present the Breakthrough Award of 2022/23 We will also be sharing achievements and giving out not only the shield but also 4 Rising Star awards. Starting in June we will be opening the assessment kitchen to start the women’s educational cooking sessions.

Lastly, we are super proud of the women’s commitment to education we successfully now see 32 patients every week in the classroom or on the ward for individual sessions.

We are located in DRC opposite the Therapy workshop if anyone would like to visit us, or everyone is welcome to attend our Education Awards (date to be confirmed soon).



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