What happens to your feedback?


The most important thing to know is that every bit of feedback we receive is read by colleagues and helps to improve our services.


You share your feedback with us


We read your feedback

If you’ve completed our survey, your scores and comments come directly to us.

If you’ve shared a story on Care Opinion, the team at Care Opinion read it and we read it once it’s published In each case, your feedback is analysed and themed, allowing us to produce summaries for colleagues as well as sharing your feedback in full, in your own words.


We publish and share your feedback (if you’ve consented to this)

Assuming you’ve given us or Care Opinion consent to publish your feedback, we share it:

It’s very important to be honest about what we’re doing well and what we need to improve because ‘The NHS belongs to the people’.


We respond to, and act on, your feedback

We respond to stories on Care Opinion. We aim to do this within two working days. You’ll get an email to let you know we’ve responded.
We use all your feedback, from the surveys and Care Opinion, to learn what we’re doing well and what we need to improve - and we make changes.

Colleagues working in our services read their feedback and are expected to listen without defensiveness, wherever possible using what you have said to praise colleagues, improve services and improve how we care for people.


We let you know how your feedback is making a difference

Check our ‘You Said, Together We Did’ boards in services to see what we’ve changed as a result of your feedback.


Services report on how they’re listening to feedback and what they’re changing as a result.

Services produce reports every 6 months which assure managers and senior leadership that they’re listening to your feedback and improving care.



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