Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Groups and Teachers

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) teachers within NCM have been providing MBCT groups following an initiative to train and provide ongoing support and supervision to staff. As a consequence, MBCT groups are now being run throughout the region with a wide range of populations as outlined below:

  • IAPT services
  • Local Mental Health teams
  • Staff counselling
  • Staff stress reduction groups
  • Learning Disability services
  • With cancer patients at Maggie's Centre, City Hospital
  • Psychotherapy Unit
  • Severe and enduring mental health problems
  • Long term conditions
  • Mother and baby mental health services

Outcome measures from service user groups consistently indicate an overall improvement in symptoms with participants rating the programme as very-extremely helpful.


MBCT Teachers

Dr Tim Sweeney

Tim SweeneyTim is a mental health nurse and CBT therapist employed in Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust as the clinical lead for MBCT. This post involves coordinating and delivering training and supervision of MBCT to IAPT and Secondary Care staff, who work with people experiencing a diverse range of health problems. He has run MBCT groups in primary care and specialist mental health services since 2008 for people with depression and other mental health problems. In addition to running clinical groups he delivers MBCT for staff in the workplace in the local Health Trust and University. Tim recently completed a PhD exploring the role of mindfulness in depression and is involved in several research projects with the University of Nottingham. He is also an associate teacher, trainer and supervisor with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. In this role he delivers training in the UK and internationally and provides supervision for MBCT Masters students.


Sonia Moratto

Sonia MorattoSonia is an Occupational Therapist with extensive mental health experience. She has a Master’s degree in Teaching Mindfulness based Approaches via Bangor University. She continues to maintain contact with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor. Sonia works within Nottinghamshire NHS Trust as a Mindfulness based Advanced Practitioner. She has taught MBCT in secondary mental healthcare, since 2007. She is a trainer within the Trust’s MBCT Supervised Pathway and a mindfulness based supervisor. Sonia is interested in the breadth of mindfulness based teachings and how they can be applied both therapeutically and in a wider social context.


Ruth Crichlow

ruth Ruth is a mindfulness teacher, trainer, BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and registered mental health nurse by profession. Ruth has  been practicing mindfulness meditation for around 10 years following training in teaching MBCT with Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Within the NHS Ruth has run MBCT groups both in IAPT and specialist mental health services for individuals with recurrent depression. As well as her  mindfulness work, Ruth continues to work as a CBT therapist within specialist mental health services primarily with individuals with complex anxiety disorders.


Kate Feenan

kate Kate trained as a mindfulness teacher in 2014 and is now an experienced MBCT teacher. She is employed in Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust as a Mindfulness Based Teaching Practitioner and works with the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness. This post involves delivering training and supervision of MBCT to trainees as well as providing mindfulness groups and workshops for staff wellbeing. Kate also provides MBCT groups for specialist mental health services, she is a registered general and mental health nurse and has a Masters’ degree in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, she continues to work as a BABCP accredited psychotherapist across a range of clinical presentations in secondary care adult mental health services.  


Liz Garner

liz Liz is a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness with a particular focus on Staff Wellbeing. She completed the MBCT training  in 2012 and facilitated MBCT groups for clients with recurrent depression in AMH for 8 years prior to her current role. She has also facilitated MBCT groups for Trust staff and Finding Peace in a Frantic World for Trent University staff. She also offers MBCT supervision to other MBCT practitioners. In addition, Liz  works at the Psychotherapy Unit offering stabilisation and pre therapy interventions to clients within Step 4 services. 


Joanne Lee

jo Jo is the Secretary for the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness. She attained an NVQ Level 3 in Business Studies in 2013 and has twenty-four years’ service within the NHS.  She is the Team’s Course Administrator and Organiser for MBCT Courses.



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