Mixed sex wards versus same sex wards

Mental Health Services for Older People (MHSOP) would like to start an open conversation and listen to views on whether Older People’s inpatient ward should be mixed sex, or single sex.

Before letting us know what you think, it might be useful to read the below as there could be an impact on how far away an inpatient ward might be.


Context for deciding:

  • Currently all the Trust’s Older People’s wards are mixed sex wards, this means communal areas are mixed, but there is female only communal spaces provided as well, and each bedroom area (dormitories) is single sex.
  • MHSOP wards care for people with dementia or severe mental illness, these patient groups cannot be cared for on the same ward so separate wards must be maintained.  This currently allows for one dementia ward and one mental health ward at each of the two hospital sites; Highbury (Nottingham) and Millbrook (Mansfield).
  • From approx. 2026 all dormitories on wards will be changed to single bedrooms with ensuite toilet/shower, meaning every patient will have their own room.  The plans for the redesigning of Millbrook wards is already under way.
  • Inpatient mental health services in Bassetlaw will be closed in 2022 and moved to Mansfield, although depending on what we hear from this listening exercise, some inpatients service might be moved to Nottingham.

Highbury Hospital is here

Millbrook Hospital is here 


Either this, or that….

Taking into account the three bullet points above the Trust views the options as:

  1. Stay with mixed sex wards, that have mixed communal areas but will all have individual rooms by 2026 with the option of a dementia and mental health ward at both hospital sites (Nottingham and Mansfield).
  2. Move to single sex wards, that have individual rooms but the option of only dementia or mental health wards at one of the hospitals (Nottingham and Mansfield), potentially meaning people and their family and friends will have to travel further if requiring an inpatient stay.

Chart displaying ward types in a Mixed sex ward arrangement   or    Chart displaying ward types in a Same sex ward arrangement
Click here to download the above graphic in a pdf format

*mixed sex would mean distance travelled could be kept to a minimum for an inpatient stay

*single sex would mean that distance travelled might increase depending on which type of ward was needed (it could also be that both Dementia wards are based in Nottingham as opposed to Mansfield)


Let us know your views:

There are a variety of ways you can let us know your thoughts. There is a link to a questionnaire which asks a few questions and leaves space for comments, or you can submit your views at the bottom of this page. There is also an opportunity to be part of a focus group.


Online questionnaire

Click here to complete the 'Views on mixed or single sex wards in older people's mental health services' questionnaire


Focus Group

To register your interest in being part of a focus group email involve@nottshc.nhs.uk.


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