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Preparing for adulthood and palliative care

During your time with the Children`s Community Nursing Service you may have an illness where you have been ill for a long time. We want to help you know about the differences you might experience in healthcare as you grow up. We will help you to think about what adult services you might need.

The Children's Community Nurses can support you and your family with Information. We have put together some resources that you and your family will find helpful.

The Children's Palliative Care Lead Nurse can help you make the move between services if you need to.

Some people find it difficult to make decisions on their own, we can offer you help to make choices with your family for support.

You may be the parent or carer of a young person with a life limiting diagnosis who is moving to adult services. You too will find lots of good information on this web page. If you are struggling to access this Information, please speak to you Community Nurse.

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