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Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness (NCM) provides a one-year, part-time course as a foundation for teaching Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

The Foundation Course aims to develop skills in delivering MBCT to those working in clinical and non-clinical settings, and is designed to meet some of the key requirements for teaching mindfulness approaches identified within the UK ‘Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses'. NCM has run six foundation courses since 2010, and graduates of these are running MBCT groups across the UK.


Training to teach with Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness

Teaching MBCT requires an in-depth understanding of the experience of engaging in mindfulness meditation. It is therefore essential that teachers develop a regular and committed mindfulness practice and training begins by undertaking the 8 week MBCT course as a participant, including engagement in all homework tasks within this. This experiential approach to training is continued throughout the foundation course, which consists of 3 phases, as outlined below: 

Phase 1: Introduction to theory and key research underpinning the use of MBCT.
8 week MBCT course including a day of silent practice

Phase 2: Deepening personal mindfulness practice.
Origins and Buddhist context of mindfulness approaches
Cognitive therapy underpinnings of MBCT

Phase 3: Developing teaching skills. Teaching MBCT workshops focusing on leading mindfulness and cognitive therapy exercises

Individual sessions with a trainer will additionally be provided focusing on the development of mindfulness practice and MBCT teaching skills.

Schedule for MBCT Training at NCM 2019-2020


  • Friday 15 March 2019 (IMH).                Introduction to MBCT. Background and Theory                         
  • Friday 22 March (IMH).                         MBCT: Sessions 1 and 2
  • Friday 5 April (IMH).                              MBCT: Sessions 3 and 4
  • Friday 26 April (IMH).                            MBCT: Sessions 5 and 6
  • Monday 10 May (Hexgreave Hall).       Day of silent practice
  • Friday 24 May (IMH).                            MBCT: Sessions 7 and 8


  • Friday 14 June (IMH).                           Workshop: Cognitive Therapy Foundations of MBCT
  • Friday 21 June (IMH).                           Workshop: Buddhist Foundations of MBCT
  • Tuesday 9 July (Hexgreave Hall).         Day 1of silent mindfulness practice
  • Wednesday 10 July (Hexgreave Hall).  Day 2 of silent mindfulness practice
  • Thursday 11 July (Hexgreave Hall).      Day 3 of silent mindfulness practice


  • Wednesday 11 Sept. (IMH).          Teach back session: Trios/small groups
  • Thursday 12 Sept. (IMH).              Enquiry skills & Trios/small groups
  • Friday 13 Sept. (IMH).                   Teach back session: Trios/small groups
  • Friday 27 September (IMH).          Teachbacks in 2 Groups: MBCT Sessions 1 & 2
  • Friday 11 Oct. (IMH).                     Teachbacks in 2 Groups: MBCT Sessions 3 & 4
  • Friday 18 Oct. (IMH).                     Teachbacks in 2 Groups: MBCT Sessions 5 & 6
  • Friday 8 Nov. (IMH).                      Teachbacks in 2 Groups: MBCT Sessions 7 & 8
  • Friday 29 Nov. (IMH).                    Closing day
  • Friday 7 Feb. 2020 (IMH).             Individual Tutorials                                      

Training Venues:

The Institute of Mental Health

Jubilee Campus

University of Nottingham Innovation Park

Triumph Road




Hexgreave Hall

NG22 8LS

Training information leaflet [pdf] 178KB



The cost

The cost of the course is £2,650 


Foundation Programme trainers


Dr Tim Sweeney

Photo of Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney is a mental health nurse and accredited CBT therapist, completing his Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Therapy at Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre in 2006. He is an experienced MBCT teacher and trainer and is employed in Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust as the clinical lead for MBCT. This post involves coordinating and delivering training and supervision of MBCT to IAPT and Secondary Care staff, who work with people experiencing a diverse range of health problems.

Tim has run MBCT groups in primary care and specialist mental health services since 2008 for people with depression and other mental health problems. He has conducted research into the relationship between mindfulness and depression with the University of Nottingham and is an associate teacher & trainer with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. He has extensive experience of MBCT training and supervision both in the UK and internationally.


Sonia Moratto

Photo of Sonia Morrato

Sonia is an Occupational Therapist with extensive mental health experience. She currently works within Nottinghamshire NHS Trust as a ‘Mindfulness-based Advanced Practitioner'. She gained a Master's degree in ‘Teaching Mindfulness- based Approaches' at Bangor University.

Sonia has taught MBCT in secondary mental healthcare, since 2007. She is a trainer within the Trust's MBCT Supervised Pathway. She provides ongoing supervision for trainees as they move towards bringing mindfulness into their own personal and professional lives, with all that this entails.

Sonia maintains regular contact with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University.


Jake Dartington

Jake Dartington Jake Dartington has been practising meditation since 1995 and completed a three-year training to lead retreats with Christina Feldman.

Since 2007, he has led silent retreats at Gaia House, where he is a member of the Teacher Council. He has also trained to teach MBSR and MBCT with Bangor University (TTR 1 and 2).

Jake is a retreat leader with the UK Network of Mindfulness teachers and also teaches with Bodhi College, London Insight Meditation and other organisations throughout the UK. Since 2012, he has taught eight-week mindfulness courses for the general public in Nottingham and has also led training in a range of organisations.

A former college teacher, Jake has Masters degrees in Philosophy and Buddhist Studies. 

Ruth Crichlow

Photo of Ruth Crichlow

Ruth Crichlow is a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist working in Notts Healthcare IAPT service. She has a background in mental health nursing and completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Therapy at Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre in 2009.

Ruth's interest in mindfulness was first sparked whilst working at the Nottinghamshire Personality Disorder and Development Network. Following training in teaching MBCT with Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Ruth has led MBCT classes for individuals with recurrent depression.

Ruth has recently taught MBCT classes for clinical staff working in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics in Nottinghamshire, and is currently delivering training in MBCT to colleagues in the East Midlands.




Contact us

For further information or to apply for the training please contact:

Joanne Lee, MBCT team secretary or
Tim Sweeney, MBCT Clinical Lead
Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness
St. Ann's House
114 Thorneywood Mount

Telephone: 0115 8440535