Training with the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness

Foundation Training in MBCT 2021/22

Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness (NCM) provides a two-year, part-time course as a foundation for teaching Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

The foundation course aims to develop skills in delivering MBCT to those working in clinical and non-clinical settings and is designed to meet key requirements for teaching mindfulness approaches identified within the British Association of Mindfulness based Approaches (BAMBA), ‘Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses'. Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness has been providing mindfulness training since 2010, and graduates of these are running mindfulness-based courses groups across the UK. The Foundation Training now also includes a residential mindfulness retreat and a period of supervised practice, providing graduates with additional support and development of teaching skills as they begin to offer MBCT to their participants.

The training consists of three phases:

  1. Bringing mindfulness into life: Focusing on developing, maintaining and deepening a personal mindfulness practice.
  2. Beginning to teach MBCT: Workshops focusing on the development of MBCT teaching skills.
  3. Supervised MBCT practice: One to one supervision with an experienced MBCT supervisor.


Phase One: Bringing Mindfulness into Daily Life

Presented within a series of 9 full days, these sessions are designed to support the deepening of an experiential understanding of mindfulness. The sessions are themed to follow the direction of an 8-week mindfulness course. The days are suitable for beginners and those already engaged in a mindfulness practice. There will be an emphasis on mindfulness in daily life as we engage with our experience in both formal and informal practice. Suggestions will be given as to articles and literature which support each aspect of the learning and which encourage reflection. There is no formal written work, but you will be encouraged to keep a journal of your own discoveries.





1 October 2021

Institute of Mental Health

Introductory Day: Orientation. Historical overview of MBCT. Group reflections, ‘What brings us here?’

15 October 2021

Hexgreave Hall

Body in Movement: Following the ‘shape’, of the MBCT course we will spend the day exploring how the body and breath offer an ever-present focus on which we can reconnect with mindful presence.

5 November 2021

Hexgreave Hall

Coming to Sit: Parallel to the direction of an 8-week course, we spend a day investigating the longer sitting practices and the opportunity for learning and insight they bring.

19 November 2021

Hexgreave Hall

Exploring the Conditioned: Pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral response that occurs with each sense contact as described by the traditional term - Vedena or ‘feeling tone’.

10 December 2021

Hexgreave Hall

The Buddhist Foundations of MBCT: During this day we will explore the four foundations of mindfulness and other elements of Buddhism which have informed the core aspects of Mindfulness based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapy. We will combine theory with personal engagement and refection.

14 January 2022

Hexgreave Hall

Mindfulness and Compassion: Mindfulness based learning is cultivated within an attitude of kindness and compassion. There will be acknowledgment of the ongoing discussion within the field as to the interconnection between these elements. Loving kindness and self compassion practices as explicit elements will be explored as part of this day.

28 January 2022

To be confirmed

Mindfulness in the Everyday: Following the themes within the latter part of a mindfulness course, we explore the links between our practice and daily activities. We will be invited to move into everyday places and investigate our responses. Elements of all the previous days may be woven experientially into this day.

21 - 25 February 2022


5 Day Silent Residential Retreat: The retreat will provide a rich opportunity to deepen our personal engagement with mindfulness practice. The days will be mostly held in silence, however, there will be opportunities to talk with the teachers and be guided and supported throughout the time.

11 March 2022

Nottingham Psychotherapy Unit

Individual Consultations: An opportunity to meet with a teacher individually. We will offer guidance and support as to where you may go next in terms of mindfulness-based development, within a personal or professional context.


Phase Two: Beginning to Teach MBCT

During this phase trainees will begin to teach MBCT to peers and trainers in small groups. Workshops focus on learning the steps, intentions and skills for delivering mindfulness and cognitive therapy exercises within the MBCT curriculum.
Experiential learning during this phase is complemented by workshops focusing on topics such as: skills in leading discussions/enquiries, understanding the cognitive therapy elements of MBCT and assessing and orientating participants to the MBCT programme. Feedback from peers and trainers is provided throughout this period of training to support trainees in developing and refining teaching skills. During this phase of training the importance of maintaining a personal mindfulness practice is supported by attendance at Silent Mindfulness Practice days.





26,27,28 April 2022

Institute of Mental Health

Teach-Backs: Identifying the aims and steps in key mindfulness and cognitive therapy practices in MBCT. Breaking these down and beginning to teach these to fellow trainees in pairs and small groups.

29 April 2022

Hexgreave Hall

Day of Silent Practice: The week of teach backs ends with a Day of Silent Practice.

6 May 2022

Institute of Mental Health

Group Teaching: MBCT sessions 1 & 2. During group teaching sessions trainees lead each other through the MBCT programme in small groups.

13 May 2022

Institute of Mental Health

Enquiry Workshop: Learning to lead discussions and enquiries in MBCT can be a challenging aspect of the programme. This workshop focuses on understanding and implementing different and effective approaches in this important area.

20 May 2022

Institute of Mental Health

Group Teaching: MBCT sessions 3 and 4.

10 June 2022

Institute of Mental Health

Group Teaching: MBCT sessions 5 and 6.

17 June 2022

Hexgreave Hall

Leading a Day of Silent Practice: Trainees lead each other through the principal practices of the MBCT programme.

24 June 2022

Institute of Mental Health

Group Teaching: MBCT sessions 7 and 8.

1 July 2022

Institute of Mental Health

Mindfulness Based Interventions: Workshops focusing on the CBT aspects and underpinnings of MBCT and using evaluation tools including the MBITAC in development of MBCT teaching skills.

8 July 2022

Institute of Mental Health

Teaching Diverse Populations: MBCT for Depression; the Public, Children and Mixed Groups. Sessions are led by experienced teachers and trainers outlining principals to consider when working with different populations.

15 July 2022

Institute of Mental Health

Assessment and Orientation to MBCT: Considerations in assessing participants and orientating them to MBCT is discussed and key themes to include identified. Trainees will also present their experience of mindfulness and training to small groups in an opportunity to reflect on experience of training as an MBCT teacher.

22 July 2022

Hexgreave Hall

Day of Silent Practice: This phase of training ends with a day of practice in silence together.

Phase three: Supervised Practice (September 2022 to July 2023)

During this period trainees will be provided with supervision for two MBCT courses that they teach. Supervision will be provided by an experienced MBCT supervisor/trainer. Trainees will receive four hours of supervision for each eight-week course. Supervision will take place at Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness. On completion of the second MBCT course the trainee and supervisor will meet for a tutorial to consider strengths, learning needs and next steps for future MBCT teaching development. Support will be provided in applying for Listing with the British Association of Mindfulness-based Approaches. During part three of training, trainees will also be able to attend 3 days of silent practice at Hexgreave Hall.

Foundation Programme trainers

Dr Tim Sweeney

Tim SweeneyTim is a mental health nurse and CBT therapist employed in Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust as the clinical lead for MBCT. This post involves coordinating and delivering training and supervision of MBCT to IAPT and Secondary Care staff, who work with people experiencing a diverse range of health problems. He has run MBCT groups in primary care and specialist mental health services since 2008 for people with depression and other mental health problems. In addition to running clinical groups he delivers MBCT for staff in the workplace in the local Health Trust and University. Tim recently completed a PhD exploring the role of mindfulness in depression and is involved in several research projects with the University of Nottingham. He is also an associate teacher, trainer and supervisor with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. In this role he delivers training in the UK and internationally and provides supervision for MBCT Masters students.


Sonia Moratto

Sonia MorattoSonia is an Occupational Therapist with extensive mental health experience. She has a Master’s degree in Teaching Mindfulness based Approaches via Bangor University. She continues to maintain contact with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor. Sonia works within Nottinghamshire NHS Trust as a Mindfulness based Advanced Practitioner. She has taught MBCT in secondary mental healthcare, since 2007. She is a trainer within the Trust’s MBCT Supervised Pathway and a mindfulness based supervisor. Sonia is interested in the breadth of mindfulness based teachings and how they can be applied both therapeutically and in a wider social context.

Ruth Crichlow

Ruth CrichlowRuth is a mindfulness teacher, trainer, BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and registered mental health nurse by profession. Ruth has  been practicing mindfulness meditation for around 10 years following training in teaching MBCT with Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Within the NHS Ruth has run MBCT groups both in IAPT and specialist mental health services for individuals with recurrent depression. As well as her mindfulness work, Ruth continues to work as a CBT therapist within specialist mental health services primarily with individuals with complex anxiety disorders.

Kate Feenan

kate feenanKate trained as a mindfulness teacher in 2014 and is now an experienced MBCT teacher. She is employed in Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust as a Mindfulness Based Teaching Practitioner and works with the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness. This post involves delivering training and supervision of MBCT to trainees as well as providing mindfulness groups and workshops for staff wellbeing. Kate also provides MBCT groups for specialist mental health services, she is a registered general and mental health nurse and has a Masters’ degree in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, she continues to work as a BABCP accredited psychotherapist across a range of clinical presentations in secondary care adult mental health services. 

Liz Garner

Liz GarnerLiz is a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner working at the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness focussing on Staff Wellbeing as well as working at the Psychotherapy Unit offering stabilisation and pre therapy interventions to clients within Step 4 services. Liz qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 1998 and worked in the community for 20 years. She completed the MBCT training at NCM in 2012 and facilitated MBCT groups for clients with recurrent depression in AMH for 8 years prior to her current role. She also facilitated MBCT groups for Trust staff and a Finding Peace in a Frantic World group for Trent University staff. She offers MBCT supervision to other MBCT practitioners.


Jake Dartington

JakeJake began practising meditation in 1995. He completed a three-year meditation teacher training with Christina Feldman. Since 2007, Jake has led retreats at Gaia House and other centres around the UK and elsewhere in Europe. He has also trained as a teacher of mindfulness-based approaches at Bangor University and has led eight-week mindfulness courses since 2012. He now teaches with a range of organisations including Bodhi College, London Insight Meditation, the Mindfulness Network, Brussels Mindfulness, and the European network of Associations of Mindfulness Based Approaches. A former college teacher, he has Master’s Degrees in Buddhist Studies and Philosophy.


Chloe Holman

Chloe Holman Chloe is employed by the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust as a Senior Occupational Therapist working within secondary mental health services.  She works with clients with a diverse range of complex mental health difficulties providing Occupational Therapy assessments and interventions.  Chloe is also employed as a Mindfulness Based Teaching Practitioner working with the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness.  The role includes delivering MBCT, wellbeing workshops and mindfulness interventions to staff within the NHS and external organisations through the Nottinghamshire staff support HUB.  Chloe is accredited by the British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches and has taught MBCT in mental health services for adults experiencing recurrent depression since 2018.


Zena Hawkyard

Zena Hawkyard Zena is a Mental Health Nurse employed by Notttinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust;  currently she is working as a Mindfulness Based Teaching Practitioner with the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness.  Zena completed her MBCT training in 2013 and since then has successfully facilitated client groups for people experiencing recurrent depression within secondary care community services.  In addition to running clinical groups Zena has delivered MBCT for staff groups within the Trust to support personal wellbeing.

Most recently, Zena has joined the Centre for Mindfulness as part of the Nottinghamshire Wellbeing HUB for health and social care staff.  This role includes delivering MBCT, wellbeing workshops and mindfulness interventions to staff within the NHS and external organisations.


Joanne Lee

Joanne LeeJo is the Secretary for the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness. She attained an NVQ Level 3 in Business Studies in 2013 and has twenty-four years’ service within the NHS. She is the Team’s Course Administrator and Organiser for MBCT Courses.




Hexgreave Hall Hexgreave
 NG22 8LS


Institute of Mental Health The Institute of Mental Health (Jubilee   Campus)
 University of Nottingham Innovation Park
 Triumph Road
 NG7 2TU


Oblate Retreat Centre Oblate Retreat Centre
 Wistaston Hall
 89 Broughton Lane
 CW2 8JS


Who can apply?

Phase one: This part of the course is designed to be suitable for beginners and for those already engaged in mindfulness. The days offer an opportunity to deepen your practice, with an emphasis on mindfulness in daily life.

Phase two and three: For those who have completed part one and wish to go on to more formal training in order to teach MBCT. 


Phase one: Bringing Mindfulness into a daily life, October 2020/March 2021, £1,150

Phases two and three: Beginning to teach MBCT and Supervised practice, October 2020/July 2021, £1,850

The Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness do offer a payment plan option for course fees. This is available on request. A deposit is required to secure your place on the course.


For further information, or to apply for the training please contact:

Joanne Lee, MBCT Secretary, or Sonia Moratto, Mindfulness-based Advanced Practitioner

Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness
St. Ann's House
114 Thorneywood Mount

Telephone: 0115 8440535



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