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World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day ribbon held in hands

World Suicide Pevention Day takes place on 10 September 2020.  Many of us will be affected by suicide in some way during our lives.  Every life lost to suicide is someone’s partner, parent, child, friend or colleague.  Suicide prevention is everyone’s business.   Suicide is preventable and we can all play our part in making a difference.

World Suicide Prevention Day provides the opportunity for people across the globe to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention. The theme again this year is ‘Working together to prevent suicide’ and we have arranged a virtual event and resources to share related experience, knowledge and practice within Nottinghamshire Healthcare.

There will be focus on:

  • Suicide prevention is everyone’s business. 
  • Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s Towards Zero Suicide strategy and how we can work together, and with our community partners, to prevent suicide 
  • Self-care, wellbeing and making a safety plan
  • Making connections and reaching out to others

To find out more about our Towards Zero Suicide ambition or any aspect of our suicide prevention work, contact  

In recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day, we are sharing a number of poems that people have written about how suicide has affected their lives.  Thank you to everyone for sharing their personal experience in this way.

For My Sister

We didn’t hear your muffled cry … We didn’t feel your pain
We didn’t even say goodbye … Before your final wane
That dreadful day was so unkind … And helplessly we gathered
The details are etched in my mind … Our lives were completely shattered
The days went by, but oh so slowly … With questions we could not answer
The why’s and how’s were endless … And grew like a spreading cancer
The pain began to change with time … Into bitterness and fear
How could you have left us all alone … When you knew we needed you near?
Our family was incomplete … Because of your selfish action
No mum, sister or daughter now … We hated you with a passion
But overtime we could recall …The subtle cries, the sign
We hadn’t acted as we should …We didn’t have the time!
How very unhappy you must have been …And in such a state of despair
If only you had taken steps …To open up and share
At least we can remember you now … And the happy times together
Now sister, mother and grandmother too … We will remember you forever  




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