When your name gets to the top of the waiting list, an opt-in letter will be sent to you asking you to contact us by email or by telephone to make an appointment. If you do not contact us within four weeks we will assume that you no longer need our service and you will be discharged.

Referrals from other NHS gender services are considered as transfers of care and treated slightly differently. People referred in this way may be offered an appointment rather than an opt-in letter.

When you have accepted an appointment at our centre, you will be sent detailed information, including what to bring with you.

There is a high demand for appointments, so please let us know as soon as possible if you can't make your appointment or need to change it by:

Emailing us at

Or calling 0115 876 0160.


Waiting times

This page contains information that will be updated periodically.

Waiting time information
Date Number of people waiting to be offered an appointment Number of first appointments offered in the previous month Total number of appointments offered in the previous month Number of appointments not attended in the previous month Month and year of referrals currently being offered appointments
August 2018 1405 46 502 100 August 2016
September 2018 1443 76 426 78 Late August 2016
October 2018 1589 58 466 118 Late August 2016

Please be aware that when we are sending out letters to ask people to contact us for an appointment, we do so in small batches, and in order of when the referral was received.

Once you have been seen, please allow up to four weeks for letters following appointments, and for feedback on blood results. In order to avoid delays, please bring copies of your blood results to your appointments.


Changing your details

We do not share a database with your GP. This means that if you change your name or address with your GP we will not know unless you inform us as well.

Change of address or GP or hospital number

If you have moved house or GP, or have a new telephone number or NHS number, then please let us know. or The Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health, 12 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AL

Change of name

Many people will wish to change their name to one which is reflective of their gender. Find out more about changing your name [pdf] 53KB

Change of documentation including passport

Find out more about changing your documentation [pdf] 48KB.

Feedback on our services

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