Epilepsy and Intellectual Disability Specialist Service

We provide assessment and treatment for adults with complex epilepsy and learning disability across Nottinghamshire. 

We take a holistic approach to patients' neurological problems diagnosing and treating epilepsy and associated health conditions. 

Our learning disability qualified epilepsy specialist nurses provide clinical services into the Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC), Highbury Hospital and Kings Mill Hospital (KMH). 


Our team

Sarah Pashley, Consultant Nurse in Epilepsy and Learning Disability
Lisa Flinton, Epilepsy and Learning Disability Specialist Nurse
Dr Michael O’Donoghue, Consultant Neurologist and Epileptologist (QMC)
Dr Sumeet Singhal, Consultant Neurologist and Epileptologist (QMC)
Dr Antal Szabo, Consultant Neurologist (KMH)


Who we help

We mainly provide services to:

  • People whose epilepsy is difficuly to diagnose, where special expertise is needed to diagnose and manage their condition. This includes people with complex behavioural, sleep, movement, communication, and psychiatric disorders.

  • Patients with poorly controlled epilepsy.

  • Patients who have difficulty accessing mainstream health services and clinical investigations.

  • People who have epilepsy in association with particular brain disorders, and people with Down’s syndrome and dementia.

  • Teenagers in transition to adult services, to make the transition smooth for those with complex epilepsies, and teenagers with profound and multiple needs.

  • Healthcare professionals and community care providers who need specialist advice, education and training.

Our service also acts as a resource for the development of policies, procedures, guidelines and pathways.