The Language lead role

Nottinghamshire County Council recognises the significance of communication in the development of children and young people. Details of their commitment to this are outlined in the ‘Language For Life’ approach. To support this agenda, the county have committed to encouraging practitioners to develop enhanced skills in the area of children speech, language and communication. These enhanced practitioners are known as language leads.

Language leads need to have a passion for driving forward crucial messages around speech, language and communication. They need have the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that speech, language and communication (SLC) is considered in all planning, delivery and evaluation of services for the children and families within their care.

Everything you need to know about becoming a language lead can be found in the document filed below called ‘The language lead role: a guide for practitioners’

There is a supplementary guide for owners and managers wishing to support a member of staff in the language lead role: The Language Lead Role: A guide for managers. This is also filed below.


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