Nottingham Recovery College

What we do

Students working together We offer a range of courses for people who are living with mental health challenges. Our courses provide strategies and techniques that students can take away with them and use in their daily lives to promote self-management and recovery.

We offer opportunities to gain an understanding of your mental and physical health challenges, the journey of recovery and the hope that taking control and self-management can bring.

We offer an ever-increasing number of courses varying in content, length and learning:

  • enrolment and choosing your courses
  • getting started
  • gaining knowledge and skills
  • building on your learning
  • preparing to take your next steps
  • additional extras
  • The Forum
  • working with us workshops

Eligibility criteria

All of our courses are friendly, welcoming and available to everyone with an open referral to Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Co-production in our college

We aim to have our courses co-produced and co-delivered wherever possible by people with lived experience of mental health challenges (peer trainers) and people with experience by profession.


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