Phishing and scams

Do not give out any private information such as usernames, passwords, bank details or National Insurance numbers or reply to text messages, download attachments or click on any links in emails if you’re not sure they’re genuine.


Misleading / spoof emails

Phishing and scam emails offering job placements have been sent to a number of individuals both within and outside of the UK.

Do not reply to the email and do not open any links in the message.

It can be very hard to spot the problems with such a message but you should note the following:

  • We will never send you a scanned letter
  • The NHS does not offer private healthcare
  • The Trust does not offer performance related bonuses

In addition, the Trust uses an electronic recruiting system called TRAC. All legitimate emails originate from that system and will include a job reference number. If you have applied for one of our vacancies, the job reference number will match the number assigned to the vacancy you applied for.


An example of the letter can be seen below:

spoof email   



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