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Some of our clinics can now offer video consultations. If you are offered a video consultation this means you can connect with your clinician using one of a number of different video call systems. You can use either your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

The video and information below will help you get the most out of a video consultation and may be useful for you, your relatives or carers.



A quick guide to video consultations



Why choose it?

why choose video conusltations

  • You can still have NHS appointments if you are social distancing
  • We can see and hear how you are
  • It can save you stress, time and money
  • Calls are safe and secure



What you need

What you need

  • A charged up computer, tablet or smartphone with a built in camera and microphone
  • A quiet, well-lit place where you won't be disturbed
  • A private place where you won't be overheard. Switch off any smart home devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home
  • A good internet connection or smartphone data connection





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