How we work with you

A group of carers having a discussion

The Trust works in partnership with Trust staff and carers. By listening to and involving carers, we can provide better care for our patients and service users.

Our Involvement Experience and Volunteering Strategy  sets out how we will ensure that we involve carers, families, friends and siblings and how we will listen to (and act upon) their views by working  to the six standards of The Triangle of Care

The Carers Connect Network ensures we follow the aims of the Involvement, Experience and Volunteering strategy

It provides a forum for carers and staff to discuss and influence the progress of the Involvement, Experience and Volunteering strategy and The Triangle of Care. It provides an opportunity to share good practice and to report on progress and areas of improvement or concern to the Trust.

If you think you can make a difference come and join us.


The Triangle of Care kite mark with two stars The Triangle of Care

The Triangle of Care is a therapeutic alliance between service user, staff and carer that promotes safety, supports recovery and sustains wellbeing. 

At Nottinghamshire Healthcare, the Triangle of Care is used to make sure that carers, families and friends are valued, recognised and involved as partners in care.

By the end of 2019 we expect all teams in the Trust to have completed a Triangle of Care self-assessment showing how they work with carers now and what they aim to do in the future. 

Read our information document about the next phase of Triangle of Care

Read The Triangle of Care [pdf] 812KB.

Read our Triangle of Care submission report [pdf] 1MB


Carers and confidentiality

We think that it is important to work closely with carers and share information, in order to help in the care and treatment of our service users and patients. To find out more, read our guide to carers and confidentiality [pdf] 82KB.


The Family Interventions Team

The Family Interventions Team works in adult mental health services. The team provides training and supports staff to work with families.

The family work we support is called behavioural family therapy. This has been found to reduce stress within families and can help to reduce relapse in service users. It supports people to move forward, working together to increase understanding, build coping strategies, communication and problem solving skills.

Service users, families and staff can attend the co-produced ‘Introduction to Family Work’ course to find out more about the approach and how to access it. Contact the Recovery College for more information on this half-day session.

You can read our frequently asked questions about behavioural family therapy [pdf] 47KB here. If you have any further questions, please contact the Family Interventions Team on or 0115 9691300 extension 15345.