Breastfeeding and infant feeding support

You, your baby and feeding

Breastfeed or formula feed your baby?

At Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust we are committed to ensuring you can make an informed choice.

We support and are responsive to both your baby’s cues and your instincts. This helps develop a close and loving relationship which is enhanced during feeding.

Here is some useful information to help you make those choices and ensure you receive support through this period.

All our Healthy Family Team staff are trained to support you with feeding. But sometimes new parents need additional support with feeding. So we have a team of Specialist Infant Feeding Leads who are Lactation Consultants and can support with more complex issues. Click here to find out more.

The Trust are proud to have achieved the Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative Gold sustainability accreditation. This award is the highest level of accreditation. It celebrates excellent and sustained practice in the support of infant feeding and parent-infant relationships.



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