Who can support you with breastfeeding?

We always think about all the professional support that is available, but there is a lot of invaluable support closer to home.



Your support is crucial in the early days. Mum and baby are working so hard to get feeding established and she needs to feel supported and that she is not alone in this. There may be times when she is very tired, tearful and even threatening to stop breastfeeding – sometimes she may just need to vent how she feels then carry on breastfeeding as before!

You don’t have to feed your baby to bond with them, there are many other things that you can do.

  • Be positive, patient, give moral support and never suggest mum gives up
  • Find out about local breastfeeding support groups and go together
  • Be there at important times like midwife visits and the 10-day check up with your health visitor
  • Change nappies, change nappies and change more nappies!
  • Make snacks and meals to help with fatigue and hunger – or enrol family help if you’re not a whizz in the kitchen!
  • Give your baby their night-time bath
  • Skin-to-skin contact is great for you to bond with baby too

Watch this lovely video of a dad interacting with baby for tips on things to do with baby:



Your support is equally invaluable and emotional support is just as important as practical support. Try to remain positive and reassuring, even if things have changed and you did things differently when you had your children. Other things that you can do include:

  • Understand why breastfeeding is important, even if you bottle-fed your children
  • Spend time with any older grandchildren and make sure they feel special
  • Offer to watch baby when mum needs a rest during the day – but be aware she may not want you to take baby far from her
  • Provide reassurance that mum is making the right decisions for her family
  • Encourage her to get additional support if she is struggling
  • Help out around the house
  • Make drinks, snacks and meals



If you’re a good friend of someone who has recently had a baby you can be a great support, making her laugh and giving the opportunity for her to get things off her chest.

You can help keep her grounded in what's happening in your friendship group so that she doesn’t become isolated. As time passes you can start to plan some baby friendly treats or get-togethers with your friends. But remember to keep it short and sweet initially, as she may tire easily.


Your Healthy Family team

Within the Healthy Family Team (HFT) there are staff who have had training to help support women with initiating and maintaining breastfeeding. You may have had the opportunity to meet one of the team antenatally, but if not, you will receive a visit from the Health Visitor around day 10-14. There are Healthy Child Assistants within the team whose role is to offer breastfeeding support to mums in the early weeks.

Click here to find out more about the Healthy Family Team.

If you encounter problems that do not resolve readily they may arrange for you to see one of the Specialist Infant Feeding Leads for further support.


Specialist infant feeding leads

In Nottinghamshire there are 3 Specialist Infant feeding leads who are all International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) and can support you with more complex feeding issues. They are:

  • Theresa Drozdwoska - Specialist Infant Feeding Lead for Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe
  • Alison Jee - Specialist Infant Feeding Lead for Newark and Sherwood and Bassetlaw
  • Joanne Glossop - Specialist Infant Feeding Lead for Mansfield and Ashfield

All 3 Leads run breastfeeding clinics across the county and referral is via your Healthy Family Team – contact the Advice line on 0300 123 5436.


BABES Breastfeeding groups

Currently run in most Children’s Centres across the county – see: Children's Centre Service | Nottinghamshire County Council or scan QR code below:

BABES Breastfeeding groups QR code

At a BABES session you can meet other mums, share ideas and tips and make new friends. The groups are run by the Children’s Centre Service staff and also facilitated by our Breastfeeding Peer Support volunteers. These are our amazing mums who have breastfed themselves then undertaken a training course and now support our groups. They’re there to listen to you, reassure you when breastfeeding is going well or signpost you to other resources when it isn't. 


Notts Happy Baby Corner 

Sometimes you may just want to access some information or support at a time that suits you. We have our own Facebook page with lots of useful information regularly being added. Why not follow us?

See our NottsHappyBabyCorner page here  or scan the QR code below:

Notts Happy Baby Corner QR code


National breastfeeding helplines

There are national helplines that can help you on your breastfeeding journey, so take a look.

National Breastfeeding Helpline: 0300 100 0212 – available 7 days a week, 9.30am to 9.30pm. Support is also available in Welsh and Polish via the National Breastfeeding Helpline – call 0300 100 0212 and press 1 for Welsh and 2 for Polish.

Rydyn ni’n cefnogi mamau trwy’r gyfrwng y Gymraeg – ffoniwch 0300 100 0212 ac wedyn gwasgwch opsiwn 1.

W naszej ofercie nowy serwis z informacjami dotyczącymi karmienia piersią i emocjonalnym wsparciem mam w języku polskim. Zadzwoń pod numer 0300 100 0212 po czym wybierz 2.

See Breastfeeding Helplines - The Breastfeeding Network for further information.



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