Community Forensic Intellectual and Developmental Disability Service (CFIDD)

We support adults with a learning disability and or autism who are at risk of being involved with the criminal justice system, across Nottinghamshire (both City and County).

Our team consists of nursing, psychiatry, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, psychology and social work. We promote the most effective assessment, treatment and management of people whilst promoting their recovery.

We may work with people currently in secure hospitals to support them moving back into the community. We can also offer specialist support and guidance to other services. We also case manage complex and high risk individuals, using the care program approach (CPA).

The four key areas of intervention are:

Case Management

The team works with people in the community whose cases are complex and high risk. The service will find out what risks the person poses to themselves and others, and work with them to reduce these risks to safe levels so they can then be supported by other services.


The team will work with people in hospital to support and advise their planned move into the community. We give expert advice and guidance to other colleagues. Treatment is focused upon constant assessment and management of risk of harm to others, as well as risk reduction where this is possible. We work closely with probation services, the police and social services.


We work together with a wide range of other services on areas including training, support and guidance. This role will apply after in-reach support when the person is living in the community and working with a different community team.

Forensic risk assessment

We assess people’s risk of harming themselves or others, and develop strategies which ensure the wellbeing and safety of the people we work with, as well as the wider public.

Accessing our service

We are currently prioritising cases identified by Transforming Care. Therefore we are not currently accepting referrals external from this. However for referal enquires please contact us at:


Contact us

Jacky Chapman, Service Manager

Dr Leah Wooster, Forensic Consultant Psychiatrist

Fiona Lamb, Clinical Team Leader

Westminster House, 598 The Wells Road, Nottingham, NG3 3AA

Telephone: 0115 952 9400


Help in a crisis

During office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm), contact the main switchboard on 0115 969 1300.

Outside of office hours, contact the Crisis team: City - 0300 300 0065 County - 0300 1232901


Information for health professionals

If a health professional has any queries they wish to discuss, they can send this request to the email address provided above. Any queries received will be discussed at the clincial forum meeitng which is held weekly on a Wednesday. This is attended by the multi-disciplinarary team.