Your care

Staff smilingThis page covers information about your care including what we do with your information and resources to support you with your physical and mental wellbeing.

You can also find details on how the law protects you, including the the Mental Capacity Act and the Care Programme Approach.

The General Practice Forward View made a commitment to improving the current interface between hospitals and general practice to provide more seamless care for patients and to reduce the number of occasions where patients are sent back to their GP unnecessarily following a hospital appointment. The aim is to improve patients’ experience of care, whilst also freeing up GP time.

You can find out more about referrals for specialist care on the NHS website


Health Questionnaires

Your mental health team are introducing a new way to help you describe how you are feeling and to work out what we can do together to help improve areas of your life that you may be finding difficult. We are going to do this by introducing patient health questionnaires also known as Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs). The questionnaires ask about your health and wellbeing from your point of view.

To find out more about Health Questionnaires click here.

Information about your medicines

The Choice and Medication website offers information about mental health conditions and medications used in the mental health setting to help make informed decisions about treatment and medication.

To find out more about medicines please click here.

Information about your medicines



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