Collaborative Working

We’ve been looking at collaboration for a while now and we’re still learning! 

We think Collaboration is the coming together of many different groups with a common purpose and developing a way of working.  It is sometimes difficult, and can challenge how we usually behave and think about ‘how we get things done’.

These few pages are a collection of what we’ve been working on and what we’ve learnt as we’ve started to look at collaboration in more detail.

Changing our services collaboratively.  This is guide to how Nottinghamshire Healthcare works collaboratively with our communities, our staff and our partners to develop and change services. It outlines the principles and processes so we can work successfully together. We will use all our skills, knowledge, experience and learning to develop the best services possible within the finances available. Collaborative Partnership Think, talk and plan together from the start Learn to work collaboratively, agree what you’re going to do and build understanding   Big idea  Big or small the idea can come from an individual or team, a policy or service change or might be required due to finances.  Decision Time Assess if it can be a collaborative process. If it can’t be, which parts of the project can?  Building the team Build a diverse team with a common purpose, include service users and carers  Understand what’s around Gather information from as many sources as possible in order to understand the context  Gather ideas  Seek out feedback and ideas and listen to different communities  Make the change Design and implement the change together  Keep the conversation going From the start have an open and honest dialogue with all of your communities about challenges and changes and keep it going   Checking the impact How are you going to measure the impact and capture the learning?

Click here to view our guide to how we work collaboratively [pdf] 561KB

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