Get involved with research

Why do we do research?

Studies show that patients do better when services are actively engaged in research. We promote research to improve our services for everyone who uses them or is involved in them.

We are committed to offering service users, carers and staff the opportunity to get involved.

How can I get involved?

Taking part in research doesn't always involve trying new medication. Some projects may simply involve completing a questionnaire or a short interview, or possibly providing a blood or urine sample.

You might be a healthy volunteer, or you might have a certain health condition which is being researched.

If you want to find out more about taking part, please speak to your clinician or healthcare professional.

You can find trials that may be suitable for you using the UK Clinical Trials Gateway or visit The East Midlands Clinical Research Network to find out about how to get involved in research here in the East Midlands


Families and carers

Research can impact on the people who spend most time with those who experience mental and physical health problems; their family, friends and carers. Any new treatments or experiences may alter the mood or behaviours of those receiving treatment. The involvement and support of families, friends and carers from the start is really important.

The Institute of Mental Health

The Institute of Mental Health is a partnership between Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Nottingham. The Institute of Mental Health was launched in 2006 in Nottingham to help transform our understanding and treatment of mental illness.

The Institute has its own website specifically aimed at clinicians. Visit the Institute of Mental Health website.

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