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A carer is someone of any age who provides regular unpaid support to another person who could not manage without help. Caring may include physical, practical, or emotional support and the individual could be a family member, partner, neighbour, or friend.


At Nottinghamshire Healthcare we recognise and value the role carers have in supporting the best health outcomes of the patients and service users who we provide services and support too. 


We have a duty to keep our patient’s information confidential which means keeping information about patients safe. There are rules about confidentiality that Notts healthcare have a legal responsibility for. These include asking patients what information we can share about them, who we can share that information with and how we share the information. Click here to see our Guide to Carers and confidentiality.


As a carer you can expect from Nottinghamshire healthcare the following:

  • To be included with the patients consent, in the planning and delivery of treatment and care, including the preparation for discharge.
  • Where possible, you will be involved in a written agreement called a care plan for the person you support. This describes the support someone using our services will receive.
  • To receive information support and advice about the condition of the person and how to manage it.
  • To be provided with the contact details of a Carer Lead or a Carer Link from colleagues with experience of working with carers and families 
  • To be recognised valued and respected as a Carer and offered with opportunities to be involved in the planning and evaluation of services.


Carers Connect network

The Carers Connect Network (CCN) is a forum run by our Trust for carers, families, friends, colleagues and partnership organisations who work with carers. We always welcome new carers getting involved either at the meetings every other month and/or by responding to and being aware of opportunities. The CCN aims to improve how the Trust involves, supports and communicates with carers. It’s a chance to influence how we work together, get involved in projects, add your voice and share good practice or just hear the latest news.

Click here If you would like to join us, you'll need to register as an Involvement Partner.

For more information about the network please email


Carers Hub

Being an unpaid Carer and looking after someone can be a rewarding experience. It can also be tough, lonely, and bewildering - but you’re not on your own.  Across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire there is a range of support available to support you through the Carers Hub Services.


The Carers Hub service, supported by Nottinghamshire County Council, offers information, advice and support - from financial information, coping mechanisms and information on how to connect up and meet with others in a similar situation.

  • Access to emergency cards - which identifies you as a carer in the event of an emergency.
  • Accessing your needs as a carer - through offering a Carers Assessment.
  • Personal budget information - information on one-off payment available to eligible carers.
  • Breaks form caring - providing information on criteria and what available.
  • Young Carers - If you are a young person caring for someone and need extra help or need more time for hobbies or school, you may be able to get support and advice. You are a young carer if you are aged between 5 and 17 and provide care, assistance, and support to someone.


Click here to access the carers hub services .



Organisations that may help offer help and support

Below are some other organisations that may help offer help and support:

Other local organisations that offer support:

National organisations:



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