Primary Care Psychological Medicine

Our Primary Care Psychological Medicine (PCPM) service is a holistic, integrated primary care service. Our aim is to improve the experience of patients who present with complex and persistent physical symptoms, alongside a reduction in their functioning and quality of life.

We understand how difficult it can be to live with health problems and having to see various health professionals. It can be upsetting or frightening and sometimes there may be no clear cause or diagnosis. We are here to support our patients.

Accessing our service

The service is available to people who are aged 18 years or over and are registered with a GP practice in South Nottinghamshire (excluding City at this time). Patients can access the service in their own home or in a clinic and they will need to be referred by their GP or Primary Care Clinician.

Contact us

Tel: 0115 969 1300
Ext: 10702 / 10703
Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm


What we offer

Patients will be offered specialised individualised, flexible care plans that incorporate their biological, psychological and social needs. The aim is to help patients manage their health difficulties better, reduce their symptoms and improve their experience of healthcare. Our involvement will vary from person to person and in many cases, we will work together to write a care plan that meets individual needs and aims for personal goals.

Our staff

We are an integrated specialist multi-disciplinary team consisting of mental health liaison nurses, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, administration, support work and doctors. We know that it can be hard having lots of different people involved in care, so we work with GP practice staff and other local health services to ensure patients are being helped in the right way.

Information for professionals

PCPM see people from age 18 with no upper age limit and they can be referred by their GP or Primary Care clinician. Secondary care staff are able to ask GP’s to make this referral if they feel patients could benefit from our support. If you would like to gain more information, please access our contact details.

Patient journey

Elizabeth had seen her GP and other health professionals a lot for her fibromyalgia, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, osteoarthritis, problems with her thyroid gland, insomnia and sleep apnoea. She’s had anxiety and depression, on and off, since her 20s, taken months off work and faced disciplinary action.

“I sometimes felt like a bit of a hypochondriac, I was spending hours in bed. My room felt like a prison. I was thinking, there’s nothing out there for me'.

“PCPM is more holistic, I better understand how my physical and mental health connect. I feel more in control of my health and my job is no longer in jeopardy'.

“It was empowering, the strategies I’ve developed and the way I look at things now, I seem to be able to deal with it’.

(Name changed)



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