Urgent community response (Nottinghamshire County)

Previously Rapid Response Team - Retford Hospital

We provide a holistic service to people aged over 18 who are in crisis due to for example:

  • Fall - with no apparent injury or loss of consciousness
  • Frailty - decompensation in frailty condition - resulting in loss of strength, speed, energy, activity and personal resilience
  • Mobility - new onset/decrease in mobility for example: can’t walk/less mobile/less coordinated than normal.
  • Feeling ‘unwell’ - increased or new onset of pain, fever, loss of appetite, elimination.
  • Exacerbation of a chronic condition, where the condition can be safely treated out of hospital, but its functional consequences may mean that the individual is at risk of hospital admission, For example: respiratory concern, change in behaviour, observations which are different to the normal
  • Social Crisis - A breakdown of unpaid carer arrangements which causes an immediate health risk to an individual.
  • Palliative patient presenting in crisis

Where possible we support people to remain at home. Our clinicians will ensure that a full holistic assessment is completed and where appropriate we will liaise with or refer to other services like GP, EMAS, Virtual Ward, social care and therapy and community nursing teams.

We also arrange support for people to return home when they are medically safe from A&E/ ED

Our service is provided in patients' homes across Nottinghamshire County, patients need to be registered with a GP in Nottinghamshire County.

Accessing our service

Our service can be accessed by contacting 0300 373 0600 (option 1, for Notts County UCR) Referrals are excepted between 8am and 8pm. Staff clinically work till 10pm.

Referrals need to be made by medical or social care professionals.

Service opening hours

Our Service hours are between 8am and 10pm (8am - 8pm accepting referrals) - 7 days a week

Information for health professionals

How to refer someone to this service

Contact UCR on 0300 373 0600(option 1).

Referrals are excepted between 8am and 8pm. Staff clinically work till 10pm.


Head of Service

Laurie Chadburn


Lead clinician

Emma Moore - Mid Notts

William Sutton - South Notts

Miranda Walsh - Bassetlaw


Service commissioned by Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group



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