Street Triage Service

Street Triage Car and staffOur Street Triage Team is a partnership between the Trust, Nottinghamshire Police and the local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), joining up mental health practitioners and police officers, to provide a specialist response to people with mental health issues, who by a range of circumstances, come into contact with the police and are in need of urgent help. 

The team have been hugely successful in reducing the number of patients detained under the Mental Health Act since its development in 2014, and also signposting patients to appropriate services.

The service has now extended into day time hours. Where previously the shift started at 4pm, the service now includes a day car working from 8:30am through to 5pm and 2 evening cars working from 4pm through to 1am. This means the team are now available to support many more people in crisis.

The service sees specially trained mental health nurses from the Trust join police officers on callouts in unmarked street triage cars throughout Nottinghamshire where vulnerable people need immediate mental health support. The nurses are available to give telephone advice to police officers and help them decide on the appropriate healthcare service to refer to.

Referrals to the service are only through the police.



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