The Level

Framework, in partnership with Nottinghamshire Healthcare is the lead provider for The Level (formerly known as Edwin House); a 15 bed residential substance misuse unit based in the Radford area of Nottingham.

Framework are also the lead contractor of the Nottingham Recovery Network (NRN), a multi-agency partnership, which delivers a fully integrated network of substance misuse treatment, support and recovery services for residents of Nottingham City. The Level will have close links with NRN.

The key aim of The Level is to provide a 24 hour consultant led, nursing and structured recovery orientated treatment to those aged 18 years and over, in supporting them to become abstinent from substances of misuse including alcohol.

The Level offers medically assisted detoxification/stabilisation programmes of care tailored to address individual need.

The Level environment in addition to the clinical expertise of the staff team ensures that the service will meet the full range of substance misuse presentations which includes:

  • alcohol
  • opiates, opioids
  • stimulants
  • new psychoactive substances, e.g. ‘Black Mamba’
  • ketamine
  • poly substance misuse
  • over the counter and prescription only medicines

For more information about The Level, please see The Level website



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