Children's Phlebotomy Service

We provide a phlebotomy service for children / young people in a child friendly environment and are open Monday to Friday at the Children’s Centre, City Hospital. We also provide a community phlebotomy clinic at Wollaton Vale and Strelley Health Centres. 

Our service is available for any child up to age 12 who is registered with a General Practitioner in South Nottinghamshire. We also provide blood tests for any child or young person up to age 19, if in education who has additional needs. Additional needs are defined as any child with emotional, developmental, social or health needs which result in them requiring additional support to access a blood test.

Our team consists of qualified Phlebotomists, along with staff experienced in working with children including those with additional needs. All staff are trained in distraction techniques with the aim of ensuring each child receives their blood test in a professional and holistic manner. We have a spacious waiting area with toys and activities, and can offer quieter and extended appointment times for children who have sensory needs.

We also offer an additional visit to the clinic for any child or young person who is anxious about the procedure and would benefit from seeing the clinic and meeting staff prior to coming for their blood test appointment.

Help in a crisis

Call 111 or speak to your own GP. Our team can be contacted during office hours. In an emergency, call 999.

Contact and find us


Children’s Centre
City Hospital Campus
Hucknall Road


Wollaton Vale Health Centre


Strelley Health Centre
116 Strelley Road


Tel: 0300 123 3387 option 4

Information for health professionals

Service Lead

Esther Jenkinson


Paediatric Phlebotomy Co-ordinator

Louise Blackner



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