Community Forensic Team

Community Forensic Team (CFT) is a city and county wide service providing mental health services for adults of all ages across Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire County and Bassetlaw. The team provides assessment, care and management to individuals over 18 years old with a mental disorder related to significant risk of harm of others. The specialist team include:

  • Mental health nurses
  • Occupational therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Community support workers

The service aims to support patients to live as independently as possible in line with progression with risk reduction strategies. In order to achieve greater independence, the team will:

  • Help patients to understand how to stay well and manage challenges/crisis 
  • Work with GPs to promote optimal physical health
  • Identify support and social networks
  • Explore employment, education and activities
  • Help individuals understand personal risk management strategies learning from past incidents
  • Work with multiple agencies including third sector organisations to develop ongoing support packages
  • Support other agencies such as Adult Mental Health and Probation Services to manage risk through supervision and joint working of cases
  • Social Supervision for patients in Nottinghamshire who are subject to restrictions under Section 41 of the Mental Health Act (1983). The team is co-located with social work colleagues in Nottingham to support patients subject to Section 41 within the City. 


The service receives referrals from Local Mental Health teams, GP practices, Probation Services, and Secondary Mental Health teams in the prison services. The service does not accept self-referrals. Referrals are submitted to the referrals inbox

Who we work with

Patients will have an identifiable mental disorder such as a mental illness, personality disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, alcohol/substance misuse related mental illness.


The patients we work with would have significant probability of serious harm in that the individual’s behaviour has or could lead to life threatening injury or irreversible harm to others.  Patients under our service typically have a history of GBH, fire setting, stalking and/or sexual violence and there should be a suspected link between the mental disorder and significant risk of serious harm.

Patients referred to us should have the potential to benefit from the treatment/assessment provided through active engagement with the team.  Where this is not the case we will liaise and discuss this with the referrer and look at ways we might be able to support services in working with high-risk patients. 

The service offer different levels of intervention/support:

  • Advice only – review of case and advice to referrer/team (service user not seen).
  • Assessment – assessment of service user including formulation, advice and recommendations.  This assessment could be joint with the referrer.
  • Joint working – working alongside the referring team, with the referring team holding care coordination/case management.
  • Full case management – case transferred to the Community Forensic Team.

Contact and find us

The community forensic team have 2 bases, one in the city and one in the county. Our service is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 


3 Crow Hill Drive
NG19 7AE

Tel: 01623 433919



Westminster House
598 The Wells Road

Tel: 0115 952 9400

Help in a crisis

Should your concern relate to a service user currently known to the team then please contact the team directly on the contact numbers above within working hours. Outside of office hours, contact the Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team, GP suregry or NHS 111. 

Information for professionals

Please contact us on 0115 952 9400 or 01623 433 919 if you wish to discuss a possible referral to our service.

We accept referrals from Secondary Mental HEalth Services such as Local Mental Health teams and other Mental Health services, GPs, Probation, courts, prisons, inpatient services. Referrals can be received directly to the service on the referral form and submitted to the team email

  • Team Manager - Hannah Hinds
  • Clinical Lead - Emily Baldwin
  • Operational Manager - Fiona Lamb



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