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87-year-old praises Community Therapy Team after fall in lockdown

We’re highlighting the valuable work of the Trust’s Community Therapy Teams who have adapted their work during the pandemic to continue to support patients like June, aiding recovery and reducing further risk. This has been particularly important for older patients who, in this period of self-isolation, are at greater risk.

June's story:

As with many people during the Coronavirus pandemic, life has been very difficult and for 87-year-old June Gladwin, from Bingham, life became even harder when she fell in the shower at the start of lockdown causing a knee injury.

In normal circumstances, June’s family would be there to help her shower. However, due to the restrictions in place with social distancing her family were unable to provide support.

Maggie, the local community matron, who had routinely called June the same day she had fallen, contacted the Paramedics and she was admitted to hospital.

June had injured her tendons in her leg which was causing her pain. She spent a week in hospital and returned home with a care plan with support from a team of therapists from the Trust to aid her recovery.  The same day she returned home June was provided with a Zimmer frame, toileting aids and the necessary support for her to be able to live downstairs.  

“It’s been hard not being able to see my family.”

June said: “I was much slower after my fall and it had knocked my confidence. I was frustrated that I couldn’t go out into my garden as that is something I love. I was still conscious of falling. It’s been hard not being able to see my family.”

One of the Trust’s community physiotherapists, Chloe, visited June every week to provide exercises, education and reassurance.

Chloe said: “We set some goals with June that we could work towards to build her independence at home. This included an exercise programme to reduce her pain, improve mobility and reduce her risk of falling. We practiced the stairs and focused on June’s outdoor mobility; providing her with a walker for outdoors to help her to achieve her goals. The team also supported her with education and reassurance to help her build her confidence.

“Physiotherapy plays a fundamental role in restoring people’s movement and function which enables them to be as independent as possible within their home. I see the value of physiotherapy in the community and my patient’s achievements every day. It’s an extremely rewarding career.

“It was a pleasure working with June. She has been very motivated throughout which has helped her to achieve her goals.”

June also received support from the Trust’s community support workers who play a vital role in supporting patients to maximising their independence. They supported June through practicing the stairs, practice accessing the garage, and supported with her exercises.

After six weeks of support from the community therapy team, June’s pain improved, and she now walks with a stick indoors. She has also returned to sleeping upstairs and can access her garage.

“If I’d have had to pay for the care I’ve received, it wouldn’t
have been any better.”

June added: “Although it still takes me twice as long to do things, I can now cope with cooking and cleaning and my neighbours have been great. I’m determined to get back to how I was before the pandemic. The service I’ve received from the physios has been fantastic. If I’d have had to pay for the care I’ve received, it wouldn’t have been any better.”

June is looking forward to seeing her family and friends soon and getting back into her much loved garden.

The Trust offers community therapy and rehabilitation through skilled occupational therapists, physiotherapists and support staff working with patients in their own home as part of integrated adult services across Nottinghamshire. For more information visit: or contact Suzanne Avington, Deputy Associate Director Allied Health Professionals on  07966 564070.



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