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A statement from local NHS leaders - Black Lives Matter

As leaders of the NHS in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire we support the aims of the Black Lives Matter movement and stand in solidarity with our BAME colleagues.  The challenges and issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement and also the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on colleagues and patients from a BAME background require us all to take stock and consider our roles in challenging systemic and deep-rooted racism and discrimination in our society.  The NHS has a significant role to play in both the public conversation about these issues and also in making the changes that we all want to see in our society. 

Each of our organisations are committed to tackling discrimination, in any form, wherever it exists and in partnership with our BAME colleagues we will continue to discuss what systematic actions will deliver real change in our society. To do this we will be closely following the recently established NHS Race and Health Observatory activity and also continuing to listen and learn from the lived experiences of our colleagues from all backgrounds. 

Our organisations all have specific routes for colleagues to use to access help, advice and guidance if you feel personally or professionally affected by recent events and we strongly encourage you to take those up or to discuss any issues with your line manager.  In addition, all of us are open to hear from any of you if you wish to raise specific challenges or concerns directly with us. 

Best wishes,

John Brewin, Chief Executive
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Amanda Sullivan, Accountable Officer
NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG

Andy Haynes, Executive Lead
Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS

Tracy Taylor, Chief Executive
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Richard Mitchell, Chief Executive
Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Lyn Bacon, Chief Executive
Nottingham CityCare Partnership

Richard Henderson, Chief Executive
East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Anthony May, Chief Executive
Nottinghamshire County Council



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