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Alcohol service launches anti-stigma film

The Trust's Alcohol Related Long Term Conditions (LTC) Team has created a short film to challenge the stigma associated with severe alcohol problems and the notion that people cannot change their behaviour.

The short film shares Greg’s inspiring story, a service user who feels the ongoing support he has received from the team has played a key role in his recovery. The film also includes perspectives from healthcare professionals from Nottingham University Hospitals and East Midlands Ambulance Service on how the intensive case management approach works.

The Alcohol Related LTC Team supports people with alcohol dependence that has led to long term physical health conditions and a high risk of repeated admissions to hospital. The team works with this group of service users that usually do not engage easily with normal healthcare pathways and place a significant burden on health services, with one patient alone costing approximately £137,000 in a 12 month period. The team works by assessing the individual’s needs from their own perspective and assertively engaging with and coordinating wider health care services for more appropriate use of the healthcare system. By effectively working with other healthcare providers, the team is able to reduce costs and help service users make remarkable behaviour changes. 

We hope to raise the profile of the fantastic outcomes services like ours can achieve, not only for the service user but the overall healthcare system. We believe the film is a great way to do this and we would like to thank Greg for sharing his story.
Mark Holmes, Team Leader for Long Term Condition Nurses 

Last year the service was independently evaluated by Alcohol Concern and recognised by them as ‘an example of good practice with change resistant drinkers’. Their full report along with information on cost savings made can be found on the alcohol concern website. 



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