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An insight into Rampton Hospital

Nottinghamshire Healthcare, the Trust that manages Rampton Hospital, has created a short film about the high secure hospital, to help families and friends of patients understand more about the Hospital, the treatment and therapies available and how to keep in touch with and visit patients.

The film was developed as an accompaniment to information packs which are sent to people who have a loved one at the Hospital.  The packs were produced with other carers to provide useful information about the Hospital, but also as an insight into the place where their friend or relative is being cared for and what they will experience as a patient. The film covers a range of topics from patient treatment pathways to visiting and security procedures and is divided into handy chapters.   

Although designed specifically for carers, the film offers a unique insight into Rampton Hospital for anyone interested to learn more about a high secure hospital and the care and treatment it provides.  It is intended that this resource will help to demystify the work of the Hospital and break down the stigma that is often associated with high secure care.    

Peter Wright, Executive Director of Forensic Services said:  “The message I receive from carers is that there is no precedent for the experience that they have had.  Few people know someone else who has a loved one in a high secure setting.  There is no readily available network, no training course nor helpline for them to turn to for support.  That’s why the relationship that the Hospital has with carers is so important.  This is about helping carers make sense of a bewildering system.  In addition though, I really hope this film helps people to put aside any preconceived ideas about high secure care and understand the reality of Rampton Hospital and how the environment, our fantastic staff, volunteers and careers all contribute to helping patients in their recovery.”

The film is available on the Visiting Rampton Hospital pages of this site



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