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An open letter to Nottingham and Nottinghamshire from your local NHS

Your local NHS is under the most strain we have ever seen – that’s why we need your help to avoid local services from being overwhelmed this New Year.

The best thing everyone can do to help is to keep physically and mentally well. That will help to avoid you and your loved ones needing hospital care in the first place.

Please also enjoy New Year responsibly – no-one wants to spend New Year in hospital!

If you do need to come to an Emergency Department, please expect a long wait to be seen.

Before coming to hospital, please remember that urgent care centres, pharmacies and NHS111 are all here to help when you need them. You can also find great advice by searching ‘NHS111’ online.

Thank you for your continued support,

Rosa Waddingham               Phil Bolton                            Michelle Rhodes
Chief Nurse                            Chief Nurse                            Chief Executive
NHS Nottingham                    Sherwood Forest Hospitals    Nottingham University Hospitals
and Nottinghamshire

Ifti Majid                                Dr Tim Noble
Chief Executive                      Executive Medical Director
Nottinghamshire Healthcare   Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals



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