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Anti-Violence campaign: We are here to help not to be harmed

In a bid to tackle violence and aggression, bullying and harassment against NHS and health and care colleagues, the Trust along with other North Nottinghamshire organisations (Sherwood Forest Hospitals, Mansfield and Ashfield CCG and the Mid-Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Partnership) are taking a stand by launching an anti-violence and anti-bullying campaign on social media this week as part of National Anti-Bullying week.

The poster campaign aims to make people think about their actions towards NHS and health and care colleagues who are here to help and not be harmed.

Clare Teeney, Executive Director of People and Culture, said: 

“Nottinghamshire Healthcare is committed to promoting a positive workplace culture free from bullying and harassment and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Colleagues should be able to provide care without feeling vulnerable or threatened whilst at work and, as a Trust, we will not tolerate bullying or harassment in any form.

“We stand together with other NHS, health and care organisations against violence, aggression, bullying and harassment during anti-bullying week and hope this campaign will encourage people to think about their actions and attitudes towards our staff. We understand that everyone goes through difficult times, and more so this year than ever, but everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.”

 “We are here to help not be harmed -
Help us stand together against violence and aggression towards our colleagues”



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