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Change of provider for wheelchair services in mid Notts

A new provider has been appointed to support people with mobility needs in mid Nottinghamshire.

Ross Care provides wheelchair services and mobility equipment on behalf of the NHS and Local Authorities across the country, and has been awarded a contract to provide mobility services in mid Nottinghamshire.

The contract, which was previously held by Sherwood Forest NHS Foundation Trust, was awarded to Ross Care as specialists in the field of disability support.

Ross Care already support people with mobility needs locally, providing a successful wheelchair maintenance and support service to people in the area. As part of the new contract, Ross Care will be partnered with Blatchford, who specialise in clinical rehabilitation and will be responsible for carrying out patient assessments.

Patients will experience minimal change to current arrangements. The service will continue to be centred at Mansfield Community Hospital with contact and referral details unchanged. There will be no changes to eligibility criteria for mobility products.

Health commissioners want to ensure that a wheelchair service is provided that delivers the right wheelchair at the right time for local people, helping wheelchairs users and their families/carers live as full a life as possible.

A total of 4,037 adults and 374 children are currently registered with the mid Notts wheelchair service



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