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Channel 4 begins broadcasting a new series on mental health on Tuesday 21 January at 10pm. Titled Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency, the series gains access to Nottinghamshire Healthcare, one of the UK’s largest mental health trusts. With demand rising and resources stretched like never before, this series explores the unprecedented pressure on mental health services and the seemingly impossible decisions that clinicians have to make every day. This series goes to the heart of front line services as staff struggle to tackle an extraordinary rise in demand, giving a unique insight into the pressures and challenges mental health trusts and patients must deal with daily. Told with a frank first person perspective, this series gives a very personal view of mental illness in 2019; the tragedy, humour and complex challenges.

The Trust made the decision to take part in the series in April 2019 to try and further reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. The production company, Story Films, has an impressive track record in making sensitive films that deal with difficult subject matters. Filming took place across Nottinghamshire during the summer of last year and features patients with a wide variety of diagnoses, including young people, families and people in crisis.

John Brewin is Chief Executive of the Trust: “We knew that taking part in this series had its risks but having seen all four episodes I am very glad we made the decision we did. Our staff come across as unfailingly compassionate and caring, a credit to the Trust. The Individuals who have allowed the cameras into their lives when at their most vulnerable are an example to us all in their honesty, refreshing insight and positivity.

“This is a series we can all be proud of. It covers a diverse range of mental health and we see the brilliant care being delivered by staff along with the challenges they face daily. Thanks to our partners in the Police and Nottingham University Hospitals for their contributions. Patients allowed cameras in at the most sensitive time for them and the main feedback all patients have given after viewing their episode is that they are very proud of themselves; which is brilliant and what we hoped to achieve.

“We hope this series will raise debate and robust conversation around resources and the state of mental health today; alongside championing the brilliant work our staff all do.”







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