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'Check it Out' campaign with the Nottingham Panthers launches for its sixth year

The Trust's 'Check it Out' campaign with the GMB Nottingham Panthers will launch in October for its sixth year. The campaign aims to promote both mental and physical health and wellbeing and will run until the end of March 2016.

Free information and advice about mental and physical healthcare will be available on the Trust stand at games throughout the season. 

Look out for the Trust at the following games:

  • Saturday 3 October 
  • Wednesday 28 October 
  • Saturday 7 November 
  • Saturday 19 December 
  • Saturday 2 January 
  • Sunday 10 January 
  • Saturday 23 January 
  • Saturday 6 February 
  • Sunday 21 February 
  • Friday 26 February 
  • Friday 4 March  

Tickets are available for patients, service users, volunteers, carers and staff. To request tickets, email 

For more information about the campaign contact Rachel Redford, Project Manager/GMB Nottingham Panthers Campaign Lead at  

More information about the health topics in the match day programmes will be available after each game.



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