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Children's Centre Toddle Waddle for Meningitis

Trust staff from Hucknall Children’s Centre, along with families and volunteers, will be donning underwater outfits for an ‘Under the Sea’ Toddle Waddle on Thursday 31 May.  The event aims to raise money for Meningitis Now, a national charity supporting families affected by Meningitis.

Lenny the Lion will lead the Toddle Waddle, which will meet outside Hucknall Library at 11am, walk through the town centre and finish at Albert Street Recreation Ground, next to Hucknall Leisure Centre, where families will enjoy their own healthy picnic.   

Families and staff have been collecting sponsors throughout May and they hope local shoppers will support the cause as they walk through the town to raise awareness of Meningitis, a devastating disease of which over 50% of cases affect under 5s.

Michelle Squires, Community Development Worker at the Trust, said:

“It’s vital to support charities which affect so many families and recognise the value of raising awareness about the signs and symptoms of such a worrying disease. All families attending baby and children’s activities across Hucknall throughout May are being given a Meningitis Now signs and symptoms card, with the hope of making more parents and carers aware of what to look out for and when to seek medical help.”

Leah Wynn, Community Fundraiser at Meningitis Now, said:

“Thank you so much to everyone at Hucknall Children’s Centre for supporting us with a Toddle Waddle.

“Meningitis is a devastating and deadly disease that can kill or leave survivors with life-changing disabilities and ongoing health issues, such as memory loss, deafness and loss of limbs.

“As a charity that receives no Government funding Meningitis Now relies entirely on the generosity, energy and initiative of our supporters to raise the vital funds we need to carry out our lifesaving and life-changing work.

“Their efforts will make a real difference to those who are at risk from meningitis and those whose lives have already been changed forever because of it.”

If you would like to donate or to join in the walk, please contact Michelle Squires at Hucknall Children’s Centre on 0115 9488910:

For more information on Meningitis Now visit



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