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Clinical Strategy launched

The Trust's Medical Director, Julie Hankin, began development of our refreshed clinical strategy (2019/24) in July 2018. The new strategy was formally launched at the Trust's Leadership Council yesterday.

Read Clinical Strategy 2019 [pdf] 1MB.

Engagement has been at the core of our strategy development with staff from across the Trust offered the opportunity to directly input into the strategy and direction. Engagement was undertaken across a variety of groups including; Leadership Council, clinical leads, bands 2-4 frontline staff and nursing and allied health professional council members, along with input from our Foundation Trust members.

Our clinical strategy sets our organisational direction and informs the way we deliver clinical services for the future. It outlines our ambition, our innovation and our clinical vision on how we will meet the needs of the communities we serve.

At the core of the strategy are 3 defined clinical networks, which are supported by 6 clinical guiding principles that form a golden thread across each network. The clinical networks are:

  • Children Young People and Families
  • Adults
  • Older people

Across all 3 clinical networks there are a number of clinical interdependencies and crossover themes which have been embedded within each clinical network. This includes taking a whole family approach to our services, supporting families and service user networks and working with system partners to ensure that families have access to the right support at the right time.

Delivering Quality, Safe and Effective services are centric to all we do and through our strategy we will drive our Quality principles and Quality First standards. .

The refreshed strategy offers us, as an organisation the opportunity to promote our expertise and our continued commitment to deliver the best possible care and support.  Our vision for our clinical services sets out our ambition to harness technology, to better deliver care and support our service users. We have identified a range of health care inequalities that we, in partnership with our system partners will work to improve.

Along with our clinical vision the strategy sets the scene for our wider engagement including how we will work collaboratively with our system partners to improve integration, maximise prevention and align our service approach with that of the emerging Integrated Care System.

Whilst we have developed a 5 year strategy we recognise that the environment we work in is changing. As such the strategy will remain flexible with ongoing reviews to ensure that we remain aligned to local and national changes.

Find out more about the importance of a clinical strategy in the short film below.




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