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Community Mental Health Survey 2017

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The results of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) National Community Mental Health Survey 2017 have been published and initial analysis of the results for the Trust is encouraging.  

The survey was undertaken within 56 NHS provider organisations (including combined mental health and social care trusts, foundation trusts and community healthcare social enterprises that provide mental health services). Responses were received from over 12,000 people (giving a national response rate of 26%). 

The survey is based on a sample of service users who were seen between September and November 2016. The questionnaire was developed through consultation with service users, clinicians and trusts, developed by the NHS Patient Survey Co-ordination Centre. 

Nottinghamshire Healthcare took the decision to enhance its sample, from the mandatory 850 people to 2000 people, to provide a larger sample of responses and importantly, comments. 

There were 32 questions in the survey. In comparison to the other Trusts that undertook the survey we were in the best performing Trusts on two questions and were classed as ‘about the same’ as most other Trusts on 30 questions.  We were not in the worst performing Trusts for any question.

The CQC scores are calculated by converting each respondent’s answer to a question into a score (from 0 to 10), then averaging these to arrive at a single score for the Trust, for each question. Section scores are also provided, which are a composite score of all questions that fall within a section. The higher the score, the better a Trust is performing. 

There is no overall ranking of Trusts, comparisons can only be made by section score or individual question.  For the question relating to people’s overall experience, Nottinghamshire Healthcare received a CQC score of 7.2 (where the highest score for any provider was 7.5). For this question, the Trust ranks 17th of all 56 providers, with a classification of ‘about the same as most other Trusts’. 

The Trust was placed within the best performing bracket for Q9- Do you know how to contact this person if you have a concern about your care?, and Q31- Were these [non-medicine] treatments or therapies explained to you in a way you could understand? and in both cases in the top three of all providers.  

The benchmarking scores for the Trust can be found in the CQC benchmark report  CQC Benchmark report [pdf] 169KB 

For more information about the survey see the CQC website


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