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Congratulations to staff included in Royal College of Psychiatrists' Hall of Fame

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Three Nottinghamshire NHS staff have been recognised in the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Winter 2022-23 Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is a chance to recognise and appreciate medical students, doctors, managers, nurses, social workers and support workers for their contribution towards psychiatry in the region. 

James Parker, Psychiatric Nurse and Clinical Lead for the Nottinghamshire Eating Disorders Service (NEDS), Dr Sudheer Lankappa, FRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist and Sharon McGinty, Community Psychiatry Nurse at Nottinghamshire Healthcare, have all been included in the Hall of Fame.   

Becky Sutton, Executive Director of Mental Health said:

“Congratulations to James, Dr Lankappa and Sharon for this brilliant achievement. They all do a fantastic job. They go above and beyond to provide outstanding care to our patients and to support their colleagues. Well deserved recognition for them all. “

Dr Murat Ince, Consultant, nominated James and commented:

“He was one of the reasons I chose to come and work with this team permanently.

It’s not just the job but the work ‘family’ you work with that is important to me.

James is the backbone of the eating disorders service and has been here for around 20 years. He is level-headed and a source of confidence and invariably supportive. I think he is a credit to his profession”

Sharon works in the Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) team at Bassetlaw Mental Health Services. Her nominator put her forward as she is always ready to help others, whether it be staff or colleagues. For example, helping an elderly patient who had lost her way, to get back to A&E and subsequently back home. She also stepped in to do an urgent assessment when the team needed extra support, which was crucial for patient care at that time. Her nominator felt with these kind of examples of her kind and supporting qualities, she is well worth a mention in the Royal College of Psychiatrists Hall of Fame!

Sharon said:

“I feel honoured to have been nominated by Dr Priya. I really enjoy my role within the Early Intervention in Psychosis team, and appreciate the close knit and friendly team I am with at Bassetlaw, and the whole North and South service, so to have my contribution recognised is very special to me.”

Dr Sudheer Lankappa was nominated by Dr Rahul Gandhi consultant psychiatrist from Derby. Dr Gandhi said:

“Dr Lankappa is a very popular trainer, mentor, clinical academic and an excellent clinician, well-liked by patients and carers. He has established an excellent network in the region supporting many clinicians with professional difficulties. As such a very approachable person which attracts individuals to reach out to him for advice.

“His portfolio of achievements is extensive.  Under his supervision, trainees have won numerous prizes at national, regional and local conferences for audit and quality improvement projects.”

More on the Hall of Fame can be found here: 



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