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Consultant Mentorship Programme Launched

Supporting new and existing Consultant Psychiatrists in the Trust is an integral part of the Medical Workforce Planning Strategy championed by our Executive Medical Director, Dr Julie Hankin. It has long been recognised that making the transition from higher specialist trainee to substantive consultant can be challenging. It is important the consultants receive the right support from the start in order for them to build resilience, function optimally, maintain a good work life balance and achieve their full potential.

The Trust offers several developmental opportunities for consultants and pathways include tertiary level clinical specialisation, academia, medical education and medical management. In order to support our doctors to flourish, a structured mentorship programme has been launched, led by the Associate Medical Director Medical, Dr Itai Matumbike. Trained mentors will share knowledge and experience in a safe space which is offline and confidential. Mentorship will be offered to all newly appointed consultants and all experienced consultants and SAS doctors seeking to either re-invent themselves or set new challenges for themselves. It will allow us to build stronger networks between consultants, minimise burnout and improve medical engagement. The first cohort of Mentors completed their training at the Royal College of Psychiatrists on 7 June. The first cohort comprised Dr Richard Welfare (Clinical Director Specialist Services); Dr Jo Jones (Consultant in IDD and Associate Postgraduate Dean); Dr Abdul Shaikh (Consultant in Forensic IDD) and Dr Itai Matumbike (Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and AMD). Anyone interested in becoming a mentor or mentee is invited to contact Dr Matumbike (




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