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Don’t miss your chance to have your say on the future of mental health services in Bassetlaw

There’s just over a week left to share your thoughts on proposed changes to the way mental health services are provided to people in Bassetlaw. 

NHS Bassetlaw CCG is looking to develop community services and change the way mental health and dementia inpatient services for adults and older people are provided. 

The CCG is currently asking for feedback on the proposals of which as a Trust, we are fully supportive.   The investment by the CCG and proposed changes will really make a difference to local people, their families and carers.  It means we can expand and build on the services we offer in Bassetlaw to support people with their mental health, particularly in enabling people to be supported in the community and at home, with shorter wait times and easier access to help when it is needed.   

You can share your views in an online survey by 18 April, by visiting  where the full engagement document, a summary, FAQs and link to the survey can be found. 



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