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Eliminating Hepatitis C across Nottingham City

The Health Shop is working on an ambitious project in Nottingham City to eliminate Hepatitis C.

The Hep C U later programme is a bold and ambitious effort to eliminate Hepatitis C within its members’ community services by 2023 which is part of the WHO Global Sector Strategy. Following a successful funding bid, The Health Shop, in partnership with the Hepatology team at Nottingham University Hospitals have a plan to eliminate Hepatitis C across the Nottingham Recovery Network, Clean Slate, Shared Care and Broad Street Harm Reduction Service.

We want to test all our service users at risk of Hepatitis C and get people treated. This will reduce the risk of becoming re-infected as there will be less of the virus around. No one should be living with Hepatitis C in our city.

People may not realise they have been exposed to Hepatitis C. This could have happened by injecting a long-time ago or having a partner who injected drugs, having tattoos by an unlicensed tattooist or through blood transfusions before 1990.

Hepatitis C is now easily treated, tablet based and virtually side effect free. There is no waiting time to start treatment and people are successfully clearing it in a matter of months.

If you are concerned you could have been exposed to Hepatitis C  call The Health Shop  for treatment on 0115 9055001 or e mail








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