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Freedom to Speak Up Month

October is Freedom to Speak Up Month, which means organisations throughout England will be making a special effort to raise awareness of speaking up and their willingness to listen to workers. Last year over 100 events took place with other activity including short films, podcasts, blogs and work with local media.

Workers can sometimes find it difficult to speak up about issues. They may not know who to speak up to. They may feel that anything they do raise will not be taken seriously and nothing will be done as a result. It is important to break down barriers and remove obstacles that prevent or dissuade workers from speaking up. By speaking up, workers can help organisations affect change and embed learning.

Freedom to Speak Up Guardians have been in post in all NHS and Foundation trusts in England for a number of years now and more and more are taking up posts in primary care and other healthcare settings. Dr Henrietta Hughes, National Guardian for the NHS, said, “It’s so important that when workers want to speak up that they can do this in a supportive environment. Thanking staff and listening and acting on the issues raised allows organisations to improve more successfully. Speaking up can really make difference.”

To keep track of what is happening here at Nottinghamshire Healthcare and Nationally to celebrate FTSU month follow the twitter hashtag #speakuptome or message




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